Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review: Sky Beer Taste Drink

Gyomu Super is the Japanese equivalent of Lidl. A no-frills supermarket with (mostly) decent quality products at great prices.

When I spotted this can with the "BEER TASTE DRINK" promise and the 50 JPY (£0.32) price tag I knew I had to try some.

I was making Japanese curry that evening so I left the can cooling in the refrigerator all afternoon in the hope of masking any noxious aftertastes.

The 350ml can is an import from South Korea. I have had some of my worst "beer like drink" experiences in South Korea so my expectations were high.

I wasn't wearing my reading glasses when I bought it and thought the alcohol content was 7% ABV. That level of industrial alcohol in a 50 JPY beverage would likely kill or blind the average drinker. Luckily I was wrong and the actual strength was 0.7% ABV.

It poured with rich, foamy head that would put many lager style beers to shame. The colour was an acceptable pale yellow that could easily pass for lager even in well lit rooms. It tasted of virtually nothing. There was a very faint chemical hint but it basically tasted like carbonated tap water.

0/5 Don't buy it. It is not worth the ridiculously low price.


  1. If I want "beer taste", I will shell out the yen for actual beer. Thanks for the heads-up. -- David Meyer , Takarazuka, Japan

    1. I was disappointed that it wasn't more disgusting. 50 JPY should buy something more entertainingly horrible.

  2. After Easter, we need to get some of the real stuff at Cricketers. Belated New Year party.